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Borealis Georgia
(518) 686-3087

Welcome to Borealis Cane Corso website!

This site is dedicated to a wonderful breed of Cane Corso. Here you will find the information about the Cane Corso breed, Cane Corso standard, pictures of our dogs, pictures of puppies that are available for sale as well as announcements for future litters, links to interesting sites about Cane Corsos around the world and helpful tips how to raise, socialize and train your Cane Corso.

We are a small kennel in upstate New York. We live in a scenic countryside featured in Grandma Moses paintings. In fact her old homestead is located just few miles from our kennel. Yet we're close to Capital District of NY, being only 40 minutes from Albany. We have been involved with the breed since 1996 when we purchased our first Cane Corso.

Most of our dogs live with us in the house and they are treated like beloved family members. We own a few acres of forested land and our dogs enjoy long nature walks, playing in the creek, or ruffling in the snow or just lazy days outside during warm weather. We also regularly take them with us into public parks and urban settings to keep them socialized and adaptable. Sometimes we take them to picnics and social events with our friends.

Occasionally we have puppies. All our litters are planned ahead and we pick pairs that will complement each other to produce the puppies with better qualities than their parents. Our goal is to produce top-quality Cane Corso puppies of correct type, stable temperament and good health, puppies that will grow up to be show winning dogs or make great companions. We accept deposits for unborn litters. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposit will be returned only if a puppy of requested gender is not available (example - you placed a deposit for a female and only males were born). Deposit can be used towards another puppy from the next litter. We are not breeding for any specific colors neither for the biggest size possible! Health, temperament and correct type are more important to us. We are constantly working to preserve this wonderful breed as well as improve it at the best of our abilities.

All our dogs are obedience trained and a few have Champion titles and CGC titles. Our Cane Corsos have been shown in the USA and also overseas. Each puppy is sold with a contract and written health guarantee. We temperament test our puppies before placing them in the new homes. We want to keep a good relationship with puppy owners for the rest of puppy's life and we will gladly share our ideas and thoughts to help you raise, socialize and train your puppy.

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