Frequently asked questions


 1.How long you have been involved with Cane Corso breed?

For the first time I saw Cane Corso in 1993. It was a black and white picture with brief description of the breed in a newspaper. At that time we were actively involved with showing and breeding Bullterriers and Standard Schnauzers. The description of the breed was fascinating and the dog on the picture was simply gorgeous. It was Claus del Cerberus. We started seriously researching this breed in 1995. That year we went to numerous dog shows in Mulica Hill, Hightstown and Atlantic City, NJ. The more we talked with breeders the more intrigued we become with this breed. We visited every kennel we could in Norht East and Midwest before we found our puppy. We acquired our first Cane Corso in 1996. She fullfilled all our expectations and even more then that.


2.Do you show your dogs? Do you train them?

Yes, we attend a limited number of dog shows each year. We have a few Champion dogs in our breeding program. Our dogs have been highly rated by judges in USA and overseas. We only breed dogs that are compliant to the standard. All of our dogs have obedience training and a few achieved CGC certificate.


3.What do you breed for?

Our goal is to produce top-quality Cane Corso puppies of correct type, stable temperament and good health, puppies that will grow up to be show winning dogs or make great companions. All our dogs are health tested prior to breeding. We are not breeding for any specific colors neither for the biggest size possible! Health, temperament and correct type are more important to us. We are constantly working to preserve this wonderful breed as well as improve it at the best of our abilities. We have black, black brindle, grey brindle and grey dogs. The puppies are the same colors although we had a few fawn puppies too.


4.What are your dogs registedred with?

Our dogs are registered with FCPR (Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico) and ICCF (International Cane Corso Federation). Some of our dogs are also registered with ENCI.


5.What are common health problems for Cane Corsos?

The most common is Hip Dysplasia. We check hips of all our dogs and we breed only ones that do not have Hip Dysplasia. Most of our dogs have hips certified with PennHIP and a few with OFA. We are also started testing for Elbow Dysplasia as well.
The Cherry Eye occurs relatively often as it common for all Mastiff breeds. It can be corrected with a simple surgery.
The Bloat is another health concern. This is very serious and potentially life treathening condition which requares immediate attention. The puppy/dog should not be allowed exercise vigorously after eating. Feeding 2 smaller meals of good quality food instead of one big redices the risk of Bloat significantly.
The Demodex mange is another health problem. Fortunantely most cases with Cane Corso are mild and while some vets prefer let it resovle by itself without any treatment and others may prescribe an apply oitment to a skin.


6.Do you X-ray hips of your dogs before you breed them?

 Yes and we only breed dogs that are free from DJD.


7.Do you have a puppy contract?What is your health guarantee for the puppy?

Our contract is designed to protect the interests of the puppy/dog as well the owners and the breeder.
We guarantee our pups to be free of crippling health defects.
We also ask to feed puppy food formulated for large breed puppies/dogs.
We have the first right to get the puppy if you decide to give him/her up.
We require puppy owners to complete 1 puppy training class and 1 obedience training class during the first 18 month of puppy's life.
By our contract pet quality puppies should be spayed/neutered.
If you would like to receive a copy of our puppy contract we can e-mail it or send it to you.


8.Do they need a lot of exercise?

They do not require a lot of exercise but always glad to accompany owners on long walks or any outdoor activities. Usually 3 walks a day 30-60 minutes each will be enough to keep your dog happy.


9.What is life expectancy of this breed?

In general 10-12 years. There were a few dogs that lived to be 14 years old.


10.What is the size of your dogs?

Our females are between 90 and 95 lbs. Our males are 105-115 lbs. Grown puppies are pretty much in the same size category.


11.Do they drool a lot?

Each dog is different and some have this problem more that others. They might drool after eating and drinking but still much less then other Mastiff breeds.


12.Do you socialize your puppies?

All of our puppies are home-raised and they stay in the house for first several weeks. Since the age of 2 weeks they are hand fed home made cottage cheese in addition to mother's milk. We believe that socialization of a puppy is very important if it is to make a well mannered Cane Corso later. Since the early age puppies are weighed every day, constantly handled, put on different floor materials and introduced to different household noises, such as television, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher. Our puppies are also socialized with children, adults and our dogs.


13.Are the puppies tails docked?

The tails are docked and dewclaws removed from the rear legs.


14.Do you crop puppies ears?

We don't crop the ears. The Cane Corso standard allows dogs with natural ears to participate in the shows. If you decide that you want them cropped we can arrange it with our vet. There will be additional fee for that procedure. According to the standard Cane Corso ears are cropped in a equilateral-triangular shape.


15.Are your puppies vaccinated?

 Puppies receive their first vaccination shot at the age of 6 weeks. Additional shots should be given at 9 and 12 weeks of age unless your vet recommends otherwise. The dog should be vaccinated once a year afterwards.


16.Can you ship puppies?

If you prefer your puppy can be shipped to you. There will be additional charge for the airfare, shipping crate and a health certificate. We offer worldwide shipping.