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About the breed

Cane Corso is an Italian breed and it is the direct descendant of the Roman Molossian. Not so long ago this ancient breed almost fell into extinction before they were saved by a few dedicated people. For centuries Cane Corsos have been outstanding guardians of property, family and livestock. They defended the herds from large predators such as wolves and bears. Herding cattle and accompany them to the market or slaughterhouse was another use. Cane Corso also hunted wild boars, stags and bears. Recently they have also become adorable pets and show dogs.

Cane Corso is a large breed. The body is strongly built, robust with powerful long muscles. The body is longer than the height at the withers. The head is in good proportion to the body. The muzzle is short - its length should be 1/3 of the total length of the head. The muzzle is very wide and looks square when seen from any angle. The ears are usually cropped in a triangular shape. The chest is deep and broad, reaches elbow. The dog should look well balanced and athletic. The tail docked at the 4th vertebra.

Male's height at the withers is from 64 cm to 68 cm, female's  from 60 cm to 64 cm, with allowance of 2 cm. The weight: males  from 45 to 50kg, females from 40 to 45kg.

Hair is short, very thick with an undercoat. The colors are black, plumb-grey, slate, light grey, light fawn, deer fawn, dark fawn and brindle. Dark mask is present in fawn and brindle dogs.

Even though Cane Corsos are large dogs they are very athletic and agile. Their movement is powerful and effortless. The natural gait for a Cane Corso is long step stretched trot. The dog is always confident and alert.

Cane Corsos have a balanced temperament and they are easy to train. It's a working breed and they love any kind of training. Cane Corsos are very protective by nature and they are usually suspicious of strangers. It's necessary to socialize them from an early age with a lots of different people and animals. Males can be very dominant and try to be the "leader of the pack"; females are generally better and much easier to handle. We strongly recommend attending dog training classes to prevent any problems from the beginning.

Cane Corsos get along very well with other household pets (other dogs, birds, hamsters). They  are very devoted to their owners. Their unconditional love for their families and incredible working abilities make them excellent guard dogs and beloved family members.